Bible Journaling 1 Peter 1:22

A woman sits and journals next to a window

Today’s Bible verse of the day is 1 Peter 1:22. In our Bible journaling practice, we’ll explore what this verse means for our lives. Opening Prayer Lord Jesus, I listen to the words of your servant, and call upon the power of the Holy Spirit to fill me with wisdom and understanding. May you open my […]

Bible Journaling Mark 12:33

A woman sits in the grass and bible journals

Today’s Bible verse of the day is Mark 12:33. Let’s explore this verse with some Bible journaling prompts and ideas to help us understand the meaning of this verse as it relates to our life. Opening Prayer Lord Jesus, your command it to love God and love my neighbor as myself. I consider you to […]

Bible Journaling 1 John 3:16

A woman sits and journals against a tree

In today’s Bible Journaling activity, we’ll explore 1 John 3:16 and how we know love through Jesus’ sacrifice of His life for us.

Bible Journaling Romans 13:8

Lady Justice next to Moses holding the ten commandments

In today’s Bible journaling practice, may you open your heart to receive the Word and understand its meaning in your life.

33 Prompts for Bible Journaling 1 Corinthians 13:4

A person sits outside in a jacket and journals

In today’s Bible verse of the day, 1 Corinthians 13:4 we’re exploring the qualities of love. Opening Prayer Lord, I seek to better understand you through the words Paul is sharing. I open myself to the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, that I may come to understand the meaning of 1 Corinthians 13:4 for […]

Bible Journaling John 15:12

A woman sits at the kitchen table and journals

Today’s Bible verse of the day is John 15:12. In this Bible verse about love, we explores Jesus’ command to love one another. Opening Prayer Lord Jesus Christ, help me to understand the words you shared with your friends, and how I may use them as a model for my own life. 16 Prompts for […]

Bible Journaling 1 John 4:18

A hand holds a pen and writes in a journal

Today’s Bible Verse of the Day is 1 John 4:18. Opening Prayer Holy Spirit, I ask for your presence during this time. Guide my journaling practice and help me to understand John’s words about love and fear. 22 Journaling Prompts Where in my life am I experiencing fear? How can I transition away from that […]

Bible Journaling 1 John 3:18

A woman sits on her couch and journals

Interested in journaling? Today’s Bible Verse of the Day is 1 John 3:18. Here we’ll include a suggestion for an opening prayer as well as prompts for journaling to this verse. Opening Prayer Lord, I open my heart and my mind to the words of your beloved Apostle John. May I take these words in, […]

Bible Journaling 1 John 4:16

A journal with the verse 1 John 4:16

Today’s Bible Verse of the day is 1 John 4:16. Opening Prayer Lord, today I listen to your Word. May the Holy Spirit provide me with the grace to understand how to apply these words to my life and help me to understand how I may put this scripture into action, so I may become […]

Bible Journaling 1 John 4:7

A man sites and journals with a Bible in his lap

Interested in journaling on today’s Bible Verse of the Day? You’re gonna love what we’ve prepared for you today. Opening Prayer I invite the Holy Spirit to be present in my practice of Bible journaling on the verse 1 John 4:7. I bow my head, and pray for God’s blessings. May these the Holy Spirit […]