Bible Journaling 1 John 4:16

Today’s Bible Verse of the day is 1 John 4:16.

Opening Prayer

Lord, today I listen to your Word. May the Holy Spirit provide me with the grace to understand how to apply these words to my life and help me to understand how I may put this scripture into action, so I may become fully formed in Christ.

20 Bible Journaling Prompts for 1 John 4:16

Here are some ideas for your Bible journaling session. Doing all of them might take a lot of time, don’t feel like you have to do them all. Please pick a one or two that stand out to you and work from there. If the Holy Spirit guides you in another direction, go with it!

  1. How do I know the love of God?
  2. Do I rely on God’s love?
  3. What does it mean to rely on God’s love?
  4. How is God’s love present in my life?
  5. How can I open myself more to the experience of God’s love?
  6. How can I come to rely on God’s love in deeper and more meaningful ways?
  7. What do the words “God is Love” mean to me?
  8. How do I experience “God is Love”
  9. How do I share “God is Love” with my family?
  10. How do I share “God is Love” with my spouse?
  11. How do I share “God is Love” with my children?
  12. How do I share “God is Love” with my friends?
  13. How do I share “God is Love” with a coworker?
  14. How do I share “God is Love” with a stranger?
  15. Am I living in love?
  16. What is preventing me from living in love?
  17. How can I resolve these obstacles so I may live in love more fully?
  18. Do I recognize that God lives in me when I live in love?
  19. Am I ready to experience God living in me more fully? Or am I afraid? If so, what am I afraid of?
  20. If God lives in me, does that mean he lives in others who live in love? How can I recognize God living in others?

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