Bible Journaling 1 John 4:18

Today’s Bible Verse of the Day is 1 John 4:18.

A hand holds a pen and writes in a journal

Opening Prayer

Holy Spirit, I ask for your presence during this time. Guide my journaling practice and help me to understand John’s words about love and fear.

22 Journaling Prompts

  1. Where in my life am I experiencing fear?
  2. How can I transition away from that fear?
  3. What does John mean by “perfect love?”
  4. How can I make my love perfect?
  5. Do I fear punishment from God?
  6. What does John have to say about that?
  7. John says ‘the one who fears is not made perfect in love.’ In what ways have I experienced this?
  8. Has there ever been a time when I felt love and fear?
  9. How can I call upon the power of the Holy Spirit to help me be made prefect in love?
  10. How can I live my life without fear?
  11. How can I call upon love to drive out fear?
  12. Do I create fear for others in my life?
  13. If I am creating fear for others, how is this in harmony with perfect love?
  14. Can I promote fear in my life and live in love?
  15. How can I help myself not promote fear for others?
  16. How can I advocate for others to be free from fear?
  17. In what ways can I help my family be free from fear?
  18. In what ways can I help my spouse be free from fear?
  19. In what ways can I help my children be free from fear?
  20. In what ways can I help a friend be free from fear?
  21. In what ways can I help a coworker be free from fear?
  22. In what ways can I help a stranger be free from fear?

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