Bible Journaling 1 John 3:16

Today’s Bible journaling activity is on 1 John 3:16. Let us call upon the Holy Spirit to help reveal the meaning of this verse for our lives.

Opening Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit, and fill me with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Open me to the wisdom of the Word, and guide me into an understanding of the meaning of these words for my life at this time, and in this moment of my life. Through Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.

A woman sits and journals against a tree

Bible Journaling Prompts

Here are 20 ideas to help get you started with your Bible Journaling practice of 1 John 3:16

  1. How do you know love?
  2. Have you ever contemplated Christ’s sacrifice as a sacrifice of love?
  3. How much would you have to love someone to die for them the way Jesus died?
  4. How does thinking about this verse make you feel?
  5. Could you lay down your life for your brothers and sisters?
  6. What makes you reluctant to do so?
  7. Who in your life could you lay your life down for?
  8. What makes you able to sacrifice your life for this person?
  9. If it is love, how much do you love this person?
  10. Is this love you feel for this person similar to the love Jesus has for you?

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