Thoughts During Meditation – What to Do

Woman with thoughts pouring out of her head

Question: I’ve been trying to connect with the inner me, but there’s too much noise in my head…help! How do I meditate?

Answer: Thoughts can be a wonderful way to connect with the inner you. Practice observing your thoughts without judgement and without trying to push them away. Notice when one thought arises, and how it gives way to the next thought. As you practice, you may start to notice that thoughts rise and fall much like the waves on the ocean. You may notice there is a small space of stillness between each thought. Again, simply observe this, along with the coming and going of each thought and notice how each thought arises and subsides. You may practice tracing the thoughts backward–from where are these thoughts arising? Where do they come from? And as they subside, where do they go? Trace the thoughts back to their origin, and their end point and you will eventually find yourself connecting very deeply with the inner you.

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