Q: How do I find answers through meditation? Is it normal to not receive messages during meditation?

The question: How do I find answers through meditation on a blue background

A: Sometimes answers don’t come in meditation. Sometimes they show up when you least expect them, and often during the course of your regular day, after meditation. All you need to do in order to receive these messages is to open yourself to having the experience.

After you meditate, set the intention: God, I am open to your wisdom and teachings. I am open to hearing your message for me today, and I will look for it.

Then, and this is the most important part, move through your day with the expectation: at any moment, God will answer my prayers. At any moment, God will reveal the secret message I have been waiting for…and longing for.

The message may be found in the caw of a bird, the falling of a leaf, or the off-hand words of a stranger while you’re standing in line at the grocery store. When you hear the message, you’ll know that THIS was the fruit of your meditation. A sudden knowingness will wash over you, and you’ll think: “Oh my, this is the answer I was looking for!”

When that happens, offer your gratitude to God for the message. Don’t forget this part. So many people run off and think nothing of being grateful. Take a moment, and offer your thanks, not to some God who lives in the clouds and sits on a throne, but to the God who dwells within your heart, who listens to your every breath, guides your every step, and is constantly with you.

As you build this relationship through meditation, remember to be patient. All answers come with time, but sometimes we are not always ready. So do be patient.

In His Love,


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